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  1. And also admins are humans like you and me, maybe they take a few days of with their family or something like that. Anyways they will be back and if you havent annoyed them or so they will be likely to help you I am sure
  2. Well as you may see on my profile i only made few threads, one of them is about the integration of the CW weapons. They are working on it is the momentary status/statement by them. I was told they are working on it and integrate them "soon"! So to be clear - Cold War weapons have not been added to the Warzone script !YET! Somehow it's only logic that it will take a bit of time since, there have been like i think 30 weapons or so integrated to warzone? Just like 3 weeks ago ? (Maybe a month not 100% sure) It's like the admins of HypeX, have to make the same am
  3. Hey, most important, for quick answers join the discord (there is one that you can join even if you havent bought the script yet just search for HypeX on discord server search) i try to answer as many questions as i know a sure answer for: 1. since the scripts are bound to 1 HWID you can only use 1 licence for 1 Computer - if you want to use it on a pc and a laptop as 2 different devices, you will need 2 x of the script bought too 2. I have resett my computer and asked the admins for a HWID resett: Since they are nice to you if you are also nice to them, the admin made my HWID
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