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  1. Thanks bro. Your explanation was very clear. Just one thing: what do you mean when saying that I need to have the HUD-scale to 100 ? Is it the FOV ? Because I usually play with 120. Thanks once more.
  2. Hi, I'm new to this kind of macros. I have a few (or a lot 🙂 nvm ) of questions: 1- how does it works ? I mean, do I have to install some specific software ? Is it a modification of the game ? Or do I need some specific hardware ? i.e. logitech mouse for lua macros 2- I read that the script has overlay, automatic weapon recognition, attachment support etc ... does this means that it will reduce recoil for every weapon and it does everything automatically ? 3- can I have some more info on how it works in fact ? or even a video showing how it detects the weapon and adjust recoil... Sorry for my question, but I already got scammed with logitech macros, where I got macros that need to be configured every time I chose a different weapon and that if I change an attachment then the pattern are different and the antirecoil doesn't work... I would like something better. Thanks for understanding Hope to get answer soon 🙂 C ya
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