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  1. is the weapon recognition for r6 up to date atm
  2. is the weapon recognition for r6 up to date atm
  3. hi agai nstill w8 for the weapon recognition is it up to date atm ? or still on working
  4. When u buy the script you get a 3 month subscription after 3 months u can buy a nother script and get a free 3 month sub. or u can just buy a mountly sub. again to use it and its cost 7 euros when iam not wrong.
  5. well he give the answer and say u can only use it on borderless fullscreen mode or windowed mode
  6. Hello i was just waited to relase of tha last patch from R6 now its out is the script up to date atm? and the Automated weapon recognition is now working ?
  7. Perfeckt thanks for respond, and wenn will the Automated weapon recognition updated ?
  8. Hello thanks for the respond, what will the monthly sub. cost ?
  9. After i cheak the forum and site i still dont understand, did i need a active sub. to use this script ? wenn i buy the script i get 3 months sub okay after 3 months ?
  10. Hello, my question is how is work with updates for example when i buy the script now will i get updated every single time when the game change something ? and is it a 1 time payment for r6?
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