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  1. Is this program supported? because loking on the admins support seems not!
  2. I am a casual player of Apex legends and I interested in your product. I have some questions before I decide to buy it. 1. Does your program gets anything injected into the game or game memory, being so a terms of use from Apex breaker. 2.Will the program auto dected what weapon I use to set the proper no-recoil script for it. (Want to use this just to have a beter recoil control because of an hand condition I have and makes me have difficulties puling the mouse down constantly) 3.If the answer is no to question nr.1 can I please know for my own safety how does the program know what I use ingame if it is not altering the game files? I am asking all this because I have invested money in my account and I dont want to get banned. Thank you in advance.
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