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  1. As it says its a lifetime subscription which also includes free updates.
  2. Works on all CPUs. 🙂
  3. We currently update it. There will be a announcement once its online 🙂
  4. Currently Valorant is offline for update.
  5. Xenos

    Pubg mod

    It is currently online and undetected for over 1 year. It has magic bullets which is compareable to silent aim.
  6. Xenos

    Detection History

  7. The Mod was on HypeX never detected. Now it has been undetected for a long time over a year. Previously on a different provider called Inceptor (which is inactive now) the mod got detected. But as said its a long time ago. The PUBG Script is undetected since release for over 3 years now 🙂
  8. You can buy Valorant with Amazon.de euro gift card (those can be purchased with PayPal or Credit Card on G2A.com) or Bitcoin.
  9. Was never detected 🙂
  10. Fully streamproof even with the overlay 🙂
  11. Xenos


    You have been automatically upgraded 🙂
  12. As of now they rarely make screenshots. If you stay under the radar (low reports - no obvious stats) you can play safely for a long time without getting banned. On the other hand, when you kill people through walls or over half of the map it can be that you get manual banned. The PUBG Mod has only a Silent Aim (Magic Bullets) as visible here:
  13. We dont play Moss. From my experience it should be undetected as in R6S.
  14. Xenos


    You got automatically upgraded. 🙂