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  1. Hi @KhangShi 1. We only have chams 2. Silent Aim has been patched by PUBG 3. Of course, we have videos and instructions on how to use it. Its very simple, basically download, login and run. We also have staff members that will help you with any issues. 4. The PUBG Script costs 25€ lifetime and the PUBG Mod 30€ per month.
  2. 1. Our PUBG Mod has been undetected for over 1 year. 2. Yes 3. If you rage on PUBG there is always the chance of a ban. But as said we are UD for over a year.
  3. https://hypex.to/forum/store/ All our products up2date, else they wont be on the store.
  4. Yes, the script automatically detects the gun you hold in your hand. COD is lifetime.
  5. Nope it doesnt. It just scans for the game you hold in your hand and controls the recoil for you. No file or memory modifications are made.
  6. It does have perfect recoil control in terms of a script, and its pretty legit too.
  7. Sorry, we dont support Cloud Gaming. It might work if you can run the loader.exe on the VM but we never tried it.
  8. Yes it is working.
  9. Xenos

    PUBG mod

    Our PUBG Mod has been on the market for the past 4 years. Its undetected for over a year. https://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/playerunknowns-battlegrounds-trading/4463351-hypex-pubg-mod-norecoil-chams-silent-aim-miscs-1-year-ud.html
  10. https://discord.gg/yeChxAFQCn
  11. https://hypex.to/forum/discord/invite/general/
  12. PUBG Script = Is like a macro, detects the weapon you hold in your hands and controls the recoil. Pubg Mod = Modifies the game files and removes the recoil. Comes with a lot more options.
  13. Xenos

    r6 recoil

    You only need to find your base multiplier and slightly adjust it for each gun if needed. The guns come with their own recoil patterns, which is already saved on our script. So unlike some other scripts you dont need to adjust x/y, just adjust the recoil control itensity. 🙂
  14. Please check our Status: https://hypex.to/livestatus/ Or:
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