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  1. The updated is not finished yet. It will be released within this week.
  2. The HUD scalling (menu with the guns, radar etc.) needs to be the default (100) else the weapon recognition wont work correctly.
  3. As long as the product exist, so pretty much yes.
  4. Only no-recoil and rapidfire.
  5. Join our Discord and PM me, this makes the whole answer to question process easier.
  6. You cant get the recoil down to zero, but compensate around 80-90 % of it depending on the gun.
  7. Hello, yes it works with 2K and 4K.
  8. Around 80-90 % will get compensated. You will have nearly no recoil. We dont include a spoofer. The script is UD since release.
  9. Works with every hardware and software. ?
  10. After purchase your forum account will get immediately upgraded. You can then access the loader download and all customer sections. ?
  11. https://streamable.com/94oujy https://streamable.com/6w9y93
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