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  1. Hey, our R6S script was released in 2019. Since then we had 2 detections, one of the loader and one of the weapon recognition. They all have been fixed. Generally speaking the scripts are safe and safer than a cheat but there is still the possibility of a ban. (not "undetectable")
  2. It works with any sensitivity and mouse settings.
  3. Hey, the PUBG Script is a tool that automatically detects your gun and controls the recoil for you. The PUBG Mod removes the recoil of the guns and also has some more features such as Chams, No Ground and so on.
  4. PayPal & Creditcard: Instant Bitcoin: Automatically after 15-30 minutes.
  5. The warzone script has been undetected since release.
  6. You can find all features here: https://hypex.to/products/pubg-mod/
  7. Hey, we dont support controllers.
  8. Hey, Please join our Discord and PM me (Xenos). https://hypex.to/forum/discord/invite/general/
  9. Hey, the script was released a few years ago and has been detected over the time. It is currently undetected for several months.
  10. There is a simple installation guide. Basically you run our loader, select the PUBG Mod and it does the rest for you. Very rarely you need to adjust some windows settings which in the case it happens, our support is happy to help you.
  11. Our products work with any mouse, keyboard, PC and OS.
  12. Xenos


    Hey, yep. But keep in mind that all COD products dont require Active Subscription. Yes both are online and undetected.
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