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  1. Currently down for update and there fore not purchasable.
  2. You dont need a spoofer if you are not HWID banned.
  3. The Warzone Script of the script supports Warzone Vanguard and any following Warzone version. The Vanguard Script only supports Vanguard. If you only want to play Warzone just order the Warzone script. We are currently updating it with the newest Vanguard weapons.
  4. Currently not but we are working on it.
  5. It is currently in Beta and its missing the automatic weapon recognition, which will be released in a few days. Yes it will require the active subscription or a script purchase in the recent 3 months.
  6. Probably a few more days ahead.
  7. Yes it does look legit. You can adjust the intensity of the recoil control. The moves by our script are smoothed out.
  8. Yes the PUBG script does require active subscription.
  9. The PUBG MOD doesnt support the mobile version of PUBG. Only Steam and kakao.
  10. Apex is currently being updated.
  11. Currently down for update.
  12. We are currently working on Super People. Wont take any longer. 🙂
  13. Indeed. You get the BF2042 script forever. Once purchased your account will always have it. After 3 months active subscription will be required. You can either get this by buying another script or by purchasing the monthly active sub (7 euro). Benefits of it: Unique build that belongs to you and is constantly changed Constant updates Advanced bypass compared to our competitors
  14. Xenos


    Hello, Apex is updated & undetected since release.
  15. Obviously comes with RCS, RapidFire and Weapon recognition for all guns.
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