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  1. All our products support Windows 10 & 11. Also the latest version of each.
  2. The first few bans for PUBG are rarely a HWID ban. Our PUBG Mod and Script have been UD for the past <1 year.
  3. Yes, we are already working on it.
  4. Hey, which product are you referring to?
  5. Hey, we do also accept Credit Cards through Stripe at the checkout.
  6. No, we support every mouse, keyboard, OS and resolution.
  7. Nope. Its unstable. The No-Recoil was temporarily broken because of an update but it has been updated again. It goes up to 50% which is more than enough to have a huge advantage. Everything above is a guaranteed ban, so we limited it. Sorry, for security reasons we dont provide trials.
  8. Hey @MyOwnBoxx 1. No its just an external program which controls your mouse movement. Nothing is injected. 2. Yes our script automatically detects the gun you currently hold in your hands. 3. While our scripts are highly secure and had very low detections in the past (BattlEye) there is still a (small) chance to get banned. That goes with any recoil script.
  9. Yes. We will also update it for Season 2. Yes. Our script is external and it just controls your mouse. https://discord.gg/yeChxAFQCn
  10. Hey, you can use the Script along any cheat. Our scripts remove the recoil by 80-90% depending on the gun. That means you will have 10-20% remaining recoil left. 100% no recoil is not possible with a script (for that you would need a memory cheat).
  11. As long as you always play on the same PC and the license is not being shared, there is no issue with that. The loader will be locked to one Hardware ID (single PC) which means you would need a HWID reset (we offer free resets) once you play on a new PC.
  12. We had a loader detection detection back ~ 1 year ago.
  13. We also have CreditCard as a payment methode but its currently disabled.
  14. 1) We don´t affect the game files 2) There is the risk that it might get detected, but its very low. 3) You just launch the script, inject and it will work. 4) The script itself is lifetime and it will stay lifetime on your account. After 3 months it will require 7€/m.
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