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  2. As of now they rarely make screenshots. If you stay under the radar (low reports - no obvious stats) you can play safely for a long time without getting banned. On the other hand, when you kill people through walls or over half of the map it can be that you get manual banned. The PUBG Mod has only a Silent Aim (Magic Bullets) as visible here:
  3. We dont play Moss. From my experience it should be undetected as in R6S.
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  6. Marked as completed, have fun 🙂
  7. You have been automatically upgraded 🙂 Download here: https://hypex.to/forum/files/file/1-hypex-loader/
  8. The 25 EUR are for Lifetime. Once you purchase you will have it forever 🙂
  9. It also works with the normal multiplayer.
  10. Hey, im happy to answer your questions: Currently the script is fully undetected (even with some esport anti cheats). The chance to get manual banned by using scripts its next to zero. As long as the script is undetected you wont get banned, even when you "rage" with it. It does not look that much unlegit. If you shot at a wall i might be suspicious, but at a fight it will look legit. While others requiere additional software like for Logitech or some other macros our script is fully standalone. Just a loader -> Login, Inject, Play. There are guides and two videos. It is pretty easy and self explaining. You just need to set hotkeys for your favorit guns or tab out and select the gun every round. There is a slider were you can adjust the recoil. For most guns something around 3-4 gonna be fine. Its pretty simple and after around 10 minutes you got everything running We accept PayPal yes 🙂
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  13. H1Z1 is undetected since release which was around 2 and 1/2 years ago. Here is a list of our history: