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  1. Hey, our videos channel got deleted and thats why we currently dont have any videos for COD Warzone. We will create and upload them shortly.
  2. Hey, currently PayPal is not available for the PUBG Mod.
  3. Hello, we are currently not looking for any resellers.
  4. Hey, we dont have a test version because of security reasons. As for PayPal, we do support it.
  5. Our Apex Script is undetected for over a year. Some AVs block the loader. Its not needed as we dont leave traces. Yes.
  6. Currently down for update.
  7. It has been detected last year and has been undetcted since then.
  8. PayPal is available for all Scripts.
  9. Sad to hear that you got banned with others. Our script is undetected since release.
  10. We accept both on the checkout.
  11. Yes it does. Sort of depending on the attachement. Not as of now, but will.
  12. 1. We currently only got the video which is linked on our homepage. 2. For security reasons we do not provide trials 3. https://hypex.to/forum/refund-policy/
  13. 1. Yes (GUI) 2. Can be toggled (ON/OFF + toggle key) 3. Yes, except the most recent season. Those guns will be added shortly.
  14. 1. It detects all weapons. If you have a weapon disabled (unsupported like Snipers) it will automatically stop. If you have a R-99 in your hands it will automatically choose the R-99 setup for example. 2. Works for all distances. 3. You might need to slightly adjust the multiplier. For most users it is not required and enough.
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