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  1. There is one but its very very low. We have been undetected for years in COD and Ricochet is not caring about recoil/rapidfire scripts.
  2. Geforce Now is not supported 😕
  3. Ricochet is not caring about scripts so you will be fine. We have been undetected since release in COD.
  4. All our COD scripts are undetected since release.
  5. MW19 isnt updated anymore and like all other scripts and macros we dont support controllers. For COD please refer to our MW2/WZ2 script.
  6. Hey, Yes all guns are supported. We have recoil patterns for every full auto gun and some semi-auto guns. If you use a unsupported gun, for example a sniper rifle, our script will detect the weapon in your hands and temporarly disable itselfs until you take a different gun. Yes, the settings are stored and once you launch the script again, it will automatically take and apply these configs.
  7. Hey, Your anti-virus will most likely block the loader because we load our bypass etc. Yes we support, AMD, Intel NVIDIA etc. Our loader binds your account to one HWID. We do offer free hwid resets (usually take 5mins to 6 hours) or instant one for 2,50€.
  8. Currently only CreditCard or Bitcoin for the Mod.
  9. Its locked to only one PC.
  10. Yes it works with Vulkan. And yes its undetected.
  11. Our R6S script has been undetected for years. Risks are very low but there is always a risk with cheating.
  12. No our products dont come with a HWID Spoofer.
  13. We are undetected across all EasyAntiCheat (anti-cheat of Battlebit) and BattlEye games. Apex for example which uses the same anti cheat as Battlebit is undetected for years. Its very unlikely that EAC goes to hunt for scripts and we also have protection in place.
  14. Our battlebit script is undetected since release and is up2date. We support all automated guns and also scopes. The script is made for stock weapons which means you can attachments but its not required.
  15. Hey use https://hypex.to/forum/discord/invite/general/ or https://discord.gg/gxwjCrjJYh
  16. PUBG Mod is currently not available for sale (Updating).
  17. Our PUBG Script has been undetected for over a year, if not longer. Its very safe but keep in mind that we dont recommend to cheat on a main account.
  18. Yes it is. Undetected since release.
  19. Undetected since release
  20. Yes we accept PayPal for all our products.
  21. Chams, NoGrass, NoRecoil, NoGround and some weapon mods and 3. 50% is the max
  22. PUBG Mod and Script works with both Steam and Kakao.
  23. Will work on that one shortly.
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