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  1. Valorant only bitcoin or giftcard.
  2. Its good with proper configuration.
  3. Fullscreen is fully supported. But in some rare cases might be slighly off.
  4. Our competitors were recently detected, all their Customers were banned. You can get banned using this.
  5. MeAnubis


    Hey, it works
  6. It’s all automatic. Is case you haven’t gotten access - contact either MeAnubis or Xenos on discord
  7. Hello, as for valorant we only accept BTC and giftcards. PayPal friends and family option is only available for existing customers.
  8. MeAnubis


    Its a script. All features can be seen on the product description page. No hwid spoofer.
  9. Its upgraded as I can see
  10. They dont detect, they just block the input. No bans for scripts.