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  1. MeAnubis


    Its a script. All features can be seen on the product description page. No hwid spoofer.
  2. Its upgraded as I can see
  3. They dont detect, they just block the input. No bans for scripts.
  4. you're already upgraded
  5. Hey, yes for alternative payment methods contact us on Discord. Trying to be as responsive as possible.
  6. COD only has recoil control and rapidfire. Valorant is the one that has aimbot etc.
  7. Yes its just the no recoil script that costs 25 euros lifetime.
  8. Yes the configuration allows you to play as legit as possible. It’s just the matter of configuration.
  9. No discount, still works like a charm. Doesn't conflict with any other software.
  10. MeAnubis


    PUBG mod - static no recoil for all weapons. PUBG script - need manually switch weapons.
  11. Hello, contact us on Discord once again please.