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  1. Won’t promise, but hopefully we can release the script asap the game is out.
  2. Currently recoding it, yes
  3. Cold war automatic recognition will be implemented this week. Requires some fetching.
  4. Yes its updated and undetected
  5. EAC is started with game, not at boot.
  6. All countries are supported
  7. It detects the weapon, but doesn't support attachments yet. 2 hours response time is fast enough tbf.
  8. The software can't run in virtual environment.
  9. all the functionality is described on product page. does not include spoofer
  10. Mostly scripts are pre-configured for default weapon state (without any attachments). It depends on the game since for some games attachments make no difference. No autodetection yet but are looking forward to implement it for all our scripts anytime soon.
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