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  1. Hey, we do our best to keep our software as secure as possible. We work hard on every update and properly test everything before every release.
  2. Will be available for purchase in few weeks.
  3. Works with Steam, yes. Script and mod’s no recoil is fully invisible on streams. Mod’s other features are not streamproof.
  4. Will be available soon
  5. Its fully safe. It has been tested for over a month before we opened the sales.
  6. Hey, It has been detected once (November 2021) since release back in 2019. Not all of the customers were affected. We took it extremely serious and nearly recoded the entire script from scratch. It has been safe ever since.
  7. Yes it’s compatible with other products.
  8. There are way too many attachments to support. It works fine with those that do not affect the recoil a lot (suppressors and similar). Scopes are the more important, thats why we support them all.
  9. Active subscription costs 7 euros per account right now, no matter how many licenses you have got.
  10. It works with all weapons. Script automatically detects the equipped weapon and switches the pattern. It also pauses the script for semi-autos and unsupported weapons.
  11. We have recently updated the script’s core. You can read the change-log on Discord. We have already taken security measures to keep you guys safe.
  12. Warzone is a regular license, does not require an active subscription.
  13. We don’t have separate recoil patterns for every attachment in Warzone, but our algorithm is able to recognize all the weapons no matter the attachment. The script also disables itself automatically for weapons that are not intended to have recoil compensation.
  14. The loader loads the script. We take security very seriously, the software is well protected and hidden from any analysis. I have recoded the entire script 6 months ago, since then it has been working smooth without a single account suspension report.
  15. The license itself costs 25 euros, but usage of certain licenses requires an Active Subscription. You can read about what an active subscription is at https://hypex.to/faq/. Active Subscription costs 7 euros per ACCOUNT, no matter how many licenses you have. Any purchase above 20 euros grants you 3 months of Active Subscription free of charge. What product are you looking for?
  16. There is no limit. Free hwid resets are manual and can take up to 48 hours (usually much faster). However, we also offer an instant paid service for 2.5 euros.
  17. 1 license per PC, you will need to request HWID reset. We can also detect if the software is actually being shared. Sharing the license is strictly prohibited and will result in permanent account suspension.
  18. No it does not. The weapons will also be detected with attachments.
  19. Won’t promise, but hopefully we can release the script asap the game is out.
  20. Currently recoding it, yes
  21. Cold war automatic recognition will be implemented this week. Requires some fetching.
  22. Yes its updated and undetected
  23. EAC is started with game, not at boot.
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