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Interested for Apex Legends license

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I am a casual player of Apex legends and I interested in your product.

I have some questions before I decide to buy it.

1. Does your program gets anything injected into the game or game memory, being so a terms of use from Apex breaker.
2.Will the program auto dected what weapon I use to set the proper no-recoil script for it. (Want to use this just to have a beter recoil control because of an hand condition I have and makes me have difficulties puling the mouse down constantly)

3.If the answer is no to question nr.1 can I please know for my own safety how does the program know what I use ingame if it is not altering the game files?


I am asking all this because I have invested money in my account and I dont want to get banned.

Thank you in advance.

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Hey @MyOwnBoxx

1. No its just an external program which controls your mouse movement. Nothing is injected.

2. Yes our script automatically detects the gun you currently hold in your hands.

3. While our scripts are highly secure and had very low detections in the past (BattlEye) there is still a (small) chance to get banned. That goes with any recoil script.

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