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  1. Share your chicken meal here
  2. Hey, the R6S Script was never detected but got patched by recent update. We are working on a update. Regards, HypeX Staff
  3. Mod is undetected since 11 months and has a lot of features, go with it
  4. Xenos

    Detection History

    Hello, overview about the detection history of our products: Last update 12/2019 PUBG Mod - Undetected since 11 months - never detected PUBG Script - Undetected since 2 years - never detected RUST - Undetected since 8 months - never detected H1Z1 - Undetected since 2 years- never detected R6S - Undetected (but patched WIP) - never detected Regards, HypeX Staff
  5. Hello, it works with every mouse since its an own software. It is easy to install and there are instructions. We also support all PUBG guns.
  6. Yes you buy it once and have access forever. There are no FOV requirements. Nope, you can adjust the norecoil to your sensitivity.
  7. Works in terrorist hunt, casual and ranked.
  8. Since many people ask what is the difference / advantage of unique builds here is the explanation: Everytime you launch the loader, you will get a unique build loaded from the servers. This means you got an own build with own signature. With this build you are more secured than with a normal build.
  9. Hello guys, we have been constantly developing HypeX and now we have released a new Version of it. But first a warm welcome to our new Coder @MeAnubis who recently joined our Team. He is working on Rust / R6S and PUBG Mod. Changelog: RUST Script added R6S Script added PUBG Mod added Loader Update Regards, HypeX Team
  10. Hey, thank you for you interest. Undetected since release (about 1 Year+) With unique you get a custom build (unique signature) everytime you launch the loader -> higher security. Yes you can customise recoil etc. Regards, Xenos