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  1. H1Z1 is undetected since release which was around 2 and 1/2 years ago. Here is a list of our history:
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    Its a standalone program which means you can just start it up and use it. You dont need anything. The script is undetected and working.
  3. Share your chicken meal here
  4. Hey, the R6S Script was never detected but got patched by recent update. We are working on a update. Regards, HypeX Staff
  5. Mod is undetected since 11 months and has a lot of features, go with it
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    Detection History

    Hello, overview about the detection history of our products: Last update 01/2020 PUBG Mod - Undetected since 11 months - never detected PUBG Script - Undetected since 2 years - never detected RUST - Undetected since 8 months - never detected H1Z1 - Undetected since 2 years- never detected R6S - Undetected since 1 year - never detected Regards, HypeX Staff
  7. Hello, it works with every mouse since its an own software. It is easy to install and there are instructions. We also support all PUBG guns.
  8. Yes you buy it once and have access forever. There are no FOV requirements. Nope, you can adjust the norecoil to your sensitivity.
  9. Works in terrorist hunt, casual and ranked.
  10. Since many people ask what is the difference / advantage of unique builds here is the explanation: Everytime you launch the loader, you will get a unique build loaded from the servers. This means you got an own build with own signature. With this build you are more secured than with a normal build.
  11. Hello guys, we have been constantly developing HypeX and now we have released a new Version of it. But first a warm welcome to our new Coder @MeAnubis who recently joined our Team. He is working on Rust / R6S and PUBG Mod. Changelog: RUST Script added R6S Script added PUBG Mod added Loader Update Regards, HypeX Team
  12. Hey, thank you for you interest. Undetected since release (about 1 Year+) With unique you get a custom build (unique signature) everytime you launch the loader -> higher security. Yes you can customise recoil etc. Regards, Xenos
  14. Xenos

    Loader Download

    READ CAREFULLY. WE WONT GIVE SUPPORT IF YOU DONT READ! Requirements Install: https://www.microsoft.com/de-de/download/details.aspx?id=21 https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/thank-you/net472 (if you are on WIN8/10) Your game needs to be in borderless or windowed mode Turn of Anti Virus (VERY IMPORTANT - WE USE ENGIMA PROTECTOR AND OBFUSCATION WHICH SOMETIMES FLAG AV) How to use: Extract on desktop Launch the loader as admin Load the script before you launch the game Launch the game Troubleshooting: My login details are wrong Reset your forum password and dont use Symbols like []{/&§$%"$ etc. I get a error Disable your Anti Virus. Launch the Loader as Admin. Check if the Website is online. I get the message Hardware ID missmatch Request a HWID reset here: My problem isnt listed here Join the Discord Server and ask a Admin https://hypexscripts.xyz/web/app/Hypex.exe
  15. Xenos

    Website is online!

    Hello everybody, Welcome to our new website. Due to our constant issues with Discords "no cheat-talk" policy, we decided to seek a new permanent home. After a week of hard work we are proud to present you the all new HypeX website, which will serve as a new place to buy, download and discuss HypeX. Discord server will remain, and you can still contact us over Discord; however keep in mind that it is better to post on this forum, because our discord will get constantly cleaned from cheat-talk to prevent another ban. With the release of our new website, we also deployed some Quality of Life changes to our products: - All new loader for H1Z1 And PUBG scripts. It is now connected to your HWID on your forum account profile. - Automated payment system: You can now buy directly over here. You will get instant access right after payment. https://hypex.to/index.php?/store/ - Automated build system: New builds are uploaded every day, and you will automatically receive them. - Some minor fixes (rare hotkey bugs etc.) The H1Z1 script price has been changed from 20€ to 25€ as announced long time ago. There are some small changes to our Terms of Service, and our refund policy. Last but not least, If you bought over Selly/Discord please PM me your Discord ID, and any additional information I may require, so I can grant you access to new updates. Regards, HypeX Staff