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  1. R6 and pubg never had any ban reports yet, so i would say atleast 99.9% safe for now.
  2. Simple exe, easy to use. Not sure if there is a video yet, if so i will link it
  3. We have no recoil script but also a mod with visuals , aimbot etc. Join our discord https://discord.gg/JQjz6aA and pm the Admins for further details.
  4. Can it be used with a radar and is it easy to configure and work with all weapons ? yes, yes and yes
  5. C'est un script sans recul et rapidfire, qui vous permet de viser mieux et d'obtenir des dîners de poulet faciles. le script sera toujours mis à jour et vous ne payez que pour cela.
  6. Hello. The difference between regularly & unique, is a different Signature for more safety against BE Anticheat. So far NO single Bans recorded.