If you got any open questions feel free to ask on our Discord Server or Forum. Our team will answer all your questions.

Are your cheats safe?
We take security very serious, so yes they are considered safe. To find out if a cheat is currently undetected, in testing, detected or in development, check out our status page:

Are there any technical requirements to use your cheats?
We support every hardware and mouses/keyboards.

Which payment methods do you offer?
We accept Cryptocurrencies, PayPal and Credit Cards. With PayOp we accept over 300+ local payment methods.

What happens after I’ve paid?
After payment you will get instantly access to the forums private areas. You can directly download the loader and start playing.

If I need help setting it up or have problems will you help me?
We have a dedicated team of support users that will assist you if you have any issues.

What happens if a cheat gets detected?
We update it and ensure it’s safe again. After that, all users get their lost time added back. You are free to change your subscription to a different product.

Do you offer trials?
Due to security reasons we can not offer trials. If you have concerns about our service read the customer feedback on elitepvpers, high-minded etc.

Can I have a discount
We sometimes do sales for some days on certain products, however, we don’t give discounts to single customers without any reason.

Do i need any additional software?
Our script is a standalone software. You dont need any other software like Logitech G HUB for macros etc.

Do i need to change my mouse settings?
We support every mouse sensitivity and DPI. You can adjust the script to your mouse configuration.

Do you support my resolution?
We support any resultion and format.

Do you support my hardware?
Unlike other products we have a C# software. We support every mouse and keyboard. In some cases also controllers.

Can i use your tools with cheats like Aimbot or ESP?
Yes, you can use our tools in addition to cheats like Aimbot and ESP. There is no compatibility issue.

How safe are those scripts? Can i get banned?
Its hard to determine if something is safe and there is no gurantuee that something will stay undetected forever. Anyone who calls his product “undetectable” is blatantly lying.
Our base has been undetected in BattlEye since release for over 3 years. In EasyAntiCheat we are undetected for over 1 year. We are confident that we remain undetected for a long time due to our security measures like unique build server, self security and limited slots.

Do all features work?
All functions which are in the Mod fully work. If a function does not work anymore we will remove it.

Does the Mod crash a lot?
Unlike our competitors we use a custom bypass with up2date paks, therefrom we dont have any game crashes.

Are all features safe to use?
All features, also SilentAim and WallHack are fully undetected. There is no server-sided detection with targets those functions

Is the mod safe to use?
We are selling the PUBG Mod since 2017. Currently the mod is undetected for over one year. With our security measures inluding unique builds, self protection and a custom bypass we are confident to stay undetected.

Can i get manual banned for raging with the mod?
Yes, if you drop 20-30 kills per game on a fresh account you can get 24 hours temporarily banned. In rare cases also permanent.

Is there a Discord?
Yes, there is a Discord Server which is open for everyone. Most of the support is given there. If you are not a customer yet join over this link:


HYPEX is a team of three software developers and gamers which are working together to deliver the best products for online games. We have been providing undetected scripts and mods since 2017.
With this we became one of the most known and trusted source for undetected scripts and mods.