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Here at HYPEX you will find the best products to serve your needs. We provide undetected high quality scripts for PUBG, APEX, CS:GO, COD: Warzone, COD: COLD WAR, R6S and Valorant. For PUBG we offer the best MOD PAK on the market. 

Security is our main focus. Stay HypeX, Stay Undetected, Stay Secure.



Unique Builds

We are the only provider which have automatical unique builds. Our build server is running 247 to provide everyone their own build. Every build has its own signature.


On every launch our loaders compares the current Anti-Cheat and Game Version with the one saved in our database. If there was a update our cheat will close itself.

Easy to Use

Unlike macro providers our products are very easy to use. All cheats are straight download, login and have fun. We dont require any modification of mouse settings or OS.

Instant Access

Signing up and checking out is simple, fast and easy. You will get instant access upon payment. Our service does not requiere any sort of verfication by selfie or ID.

Instant Support

We have a dedicated support team to serve all customers. After you purchased you will find a lot of guides to help you. On Discord and our forum you can get instant help.

Truly Undetected

We want to deliver the most undetected products you can get. Most of our products are undetected since the initial release.

Payment Methods


Easy     fast     cheap     secure


HYPEX is a team of three software developers and gamers which are working together to deliver the best products for online games. We have been providing undetected scripts and mods since 2017. With this we became one of the most known and trusted source for undetected scripts and mods.