Next Level Advantage

The gaming industry is growing rapidly and competitive gaming requires an innovative approach.

Hypex will help you improve your skills and become better at online games. 



Unique Builds

At Hypex we have fully automatic unique builds system. Our servers are running 24/7 to provide everyone a unique copy of software.

Automatic Updates

We have worked hard to make our software easily updatable, on every launch our software checks for updates and downloads them automatically.

Easy to Use

Simple and convenient user-interface is one of our main priorities. 

Instant Access

Signing up and checking out is easy, fast and secure. You will get instant access upon payment.

Instant Support

We have a dedicated support team to serve all our Customers. After the purchase you will also find a lot of guides and instructions to help you. 

Continuous Development

We want to deliver the best products you can get. We work hard on every update and properly test everything before every release.

Payment Methods




Hypex is a team of three software developers and gamers who work together to deliver the best solutions to improve your skills in online games. We have been providing scripts since 2017.