• Release Date:                       March 2020
  • Supported OS:                      Windows 7, 8 ,10
  • Streamproof

30.00€ MONTHLY


Our Valorant Script comes with a lot of functions to help you to win every fight. The Script is very easy to configurate and will immediately start controlling everything for you. No System or Mouse changes are requiered. We currently offer NoRecoil and RapidFire. With a easy to use GUI you will always be able to easily change everything to your needs. The overlay will always show you the current configuration to even make everything more clear. You can set custom hotkeys for all actions.


The core feature of our Valorant Script is the Pixel Aimbot.  You can adjust the itensity the speed and the smooth. You can adjust the Aimbot to either rage or legit. With legit configuration it wont be noticeable for spectators. The Aimbot aims on the same level as you are aiming, but preferable on Head or Chest.


With you will be able to flick shot everyone running around the corners. The Triggerbot is especially deadly with the sniper and DMR guns. You can adjust the delay and tolerance of the triggerbot to your needs.


One side feature of our Valorant Script is the NoRecoil. It allows you to spray as much as you want and still keep the bullets to hit on the same spot. We always have the latest recoil patterns of every gun saved in our cloud. You can adjust the itensity of the NoRecoil and the smooth. The NoRecoil looks very legit for spectators as you would control the recoil by yourself. It fully supports our Aimbot so you can combine those two together. If you want to go rage you can change to RageNoRecoil and get nearly zero recoil.


Our RapidFire will fire as fast as possible with every gun. This is especially useful for all semi-automated guns and pistols. You can adjust the firerate and set hotkeys. The RapidFire also has a build in NoRecoil when you sprays.


Hypex is a team of three software developers and gamers who work together to deliver the best solutions to improve your skills in online games. We have been providing scripts since 2017.