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  1. Yesterday
  2. How long has it been undetected for?
  3. Last week
  4. Yes we accept PayPal for all our products.
  5. Chams, NoGrass, NoRecoil, NoGround and some weapon mods and 3. 50% is the max
  6. Earlier
  7. 1. What are the cheating functions of PUBG MOD so far 2. Whether the recoil function in PUBG MOD has 100% recoil function, and how long has it been prohibited 3. Please tell me the maximum setting% of the function of controlling recoil during PUBG MOD cheating
  8. Interested in those 3 scripts. Couldnt find when those products have been last detected on the status page.
  9. PUBG Mod and Script works with both Steam and Kakao.
  10. Will work on that one shortly.
  11. when does the new weapon (cronen squall) will be addet to the menu?
  12. Does anyone use it on steam or kakao server? What is the performance or security?
  13. Also curious about things like DMR, and burst weapons like the phasic lancer or scarab.
  14. Is the recoil script only for automatic weapons? Curious about the Hammer specifically. Not sure how the rapid fire function works.
  15. Rust had a big Recoil update some months ago, is this for the new recoil patterns, and is the program undetected?
  16. Yes its undetected and updated for Season 3.
  17. It's undetect after new update?
  18. Yes we fully support Kakao. Just disable Auto Launch on the Mod (its for Steam) and it will work with Kakao.
  19. Yes, all our products can be combined with other cheats such as ESP or aimbots.
  20. Can I use it in kakao pubg?
  21. Can it be used with another Esp Chair ? I have another Esp chair that has a recoil helper but it's not great.
  22. The Cycle is undetected since release. It works fine with season 3. Also The Cycle has BattlEye and not EasyAntiCheat Our Apex Legends script is undetected for over a year. We have no banwaves or so.
  23. There is a new season for cycle, season 3. Is it still udnetected? Because of easyanti cheat And also apex i saw lot of probiders getting banned on elitepvpers
  24. Yes our products support both Intel and AMD and also NVIDIA. Windows 10 + 11
  25. Mod removes the recoil + has features like chams, noground etc. 30€/m or 100€ lifetime Script controls the recoil 25€ lifetime
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