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  3. RAINBOW SIX SIEGE SCRIPT has auto-detection of weapons ?
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  5. Hey, yes the script can be used along cheats.
  6. It may sound stupid but I would like to ask do your script can be used with other chair?
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  8. We have recently updated the script’s core. You can read the change-log on Discord. We have already taken security measures to keep you guys safe.
  9. Warzone is a regular license, does not require an active subscription.
  10. I couldn't find the appropriate answer. So when i pay 25$ for wz product, do i get a lifetime? Bc someone mentioned you need to pay 7$ after the 25$ payment each time your sub runs out. So how long does a 7$ sub last? Kinda confusing. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello, they say that the anticheat system for warzone will be added today. we who bought the script are we sure? will there be an update of the script to not be identified? do we have to do something not to be banned from activision? Thank you
  12. Apex and COD Warzone / Cold War have never been detected.
  13. just registered i hope it will come soon too if you release it this week i buy lifetime 😀
  14. Hello, yes CSGO will include weapon recognition.
  15. title and also what will it include will it include auto weapon recognition
  16. Xenos


    We do support all resolutions.
  17. Is the R6s script working Whether to support 2560X1660 resolution
  18. Where is the pubg download address? It has been purchased
  19. Sounds good. I will wait for a detailed info and Video.
  20. We don’t have separate recoil patterns for every attachment in Warzone, but our algorithm is able to recognize all the weapons no matter the attachment. The script also disables itself automatically for weapons that are not intended to have recoil compensation.
  21. Oky. Does it works for any gun with any attachments ? Does it work with ground weapon ? Maybe you can explain me .? Im looking for software that detects automaticaly what weapon im using and what attachments. So i don't need to swich or activate weapons seperatly.
  22. Hey, our videos channel got deleted and thats why we currently dont have any videos for COD Warzone. We will create and upload them shortly.
  23. Hi. Does anyone can post screens or video of this software for Warzone cuz i can't find any Pictures or video online how it works.
  24. The loader loads the script. We take security very seriously, the software is well protected and hidden from any analysis. I have recoded the entire script 6 months ago, since then it has been working smooth without a single account suspension report.
  25. Hi I am new to this cheats and stuff, So my question is how do this product of your work like is it some kind if injector or loader ? And secondly i have heard that when R6 detects an abnormality in your system it scan the whole Hard drive ,So won’t this script be detected upon scanning. And resulting in account ban. I really want to buy this product. If you can kindly tell me about these things i have asked
  26. Thx I didn't see that coz it's not that big and I'm on mobile rn
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