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  4. Any ETA on siege? Was looking to purchase
  5. Im a streamer and need a reliable undetected script for recoil.
  6. The updated is not finished yet. It will be released within this week.
  7. Hey, im a customer for both COD scripts and they never have been detected since release. Its pretty good if you just need that legit advantage of no recoil.
  8. The HUD scalling (menu with the guns, radar etc.) needs to be the default (100) else the weapon recognition wont work correctly.
  9. Thanks bro. Your explanation was very clear. Just one thing: what do you mean when saying that I need to have the HUD-scale to 100 ? Is it the FOV ? Because I usually play with 120. Thanks once more.
  10. Hey there, 1- It's a simple executable program which you need to open before opening your Battlenet-Launcher, you dont need any specific software, I use a old Rat 3 Mouse which doesnt support any kind of lua etc, it works for every mouse brand as told in describtion trust me 😄 2-yeah all points you wrote down are useable and work if you set up everything as you are told to after buying the script (dont worry its like 2 or 3 settings in COD only, HUD-scale to 100 and windowed borderless mode) When you first launch you will need to adjust every weapon by a multiplier ONCE after that i
  11. Hi, I'm new to this kind of macros. I have a few (or a lot 🙂 nvm ) of questions: 1- how does it works ? I mean, do I have to install some specific software ? Is it a modification of the game ? Or do I need some specific hardware ? i.e. logitech mouse for lua macros 2- I read that the script has overlay, automatic weapon recognition, attachment support etc ... does this means that it will reduce recoil for every weapon and it does everything automatically ? 3- can I have some more info on how it works in fact ? or even a video showing how it detects the weapon and adjust recoil...
  12. Does the WZ script pack work only with mouse and keyboard? Is it compatible with controller?
  13. Currently recoding it, yes
  14. I cant find PUBG in script section anymore, is it taken down or whats going on?
  15. I went and checked the status for the R6 script and it says that it's undetected but I can't purchase it. Why is that?
  16. Your payment was refused by the payment processor. Please try a different payment method, or contact us for further assistance.
  17. As long as the product exist, so pretty much yes.
  18. Cold war automatic recognition will be implemented this week. Requires some fetching.
  19. Can the script recognize the weapon's attachments? Then gives the specific config?
  20. Yes its updated and undetected
  21. I wanna know is PUBG script is available right now? And it is safe to use right now. I am a veteran member in using CHAIR. Tks
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