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  3. Is this program supported? because loking on the admins support seems not!
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  5. I am a casual player of Apex legends and I interested in your product. I have some questions before I decide to buy it. 1. Does your program gets anything injected into the game or game memory, being so a terms of use from Apex breaker. 2.Will the program auto dected what weapon I use to set the proper no-recoil script for it. (Want to use this just to have a beter recoil control because of an hand condition I have and makes me have difficulties puling the mouse down constantly) 3.If the answer is no to question nr.1 can I please know for my own safety how does the program know what I use ingame if it is not altering the game files? I am asking all this because I have invested money in my account and I dont want to get banned. Thank you in advance.
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  7. Yes. We will also update it for Season 2. Yes. Our script is external and it just controls your mouse. https://discord.gg/yeChxAFQCn
  8. the invite code for your discord is not working. Could you please recreate one?
  9. And the script won't touch any game memory and file right?
  10. Is this script synchronized with the new recoil update recently?
  11. Hey, you can use the Script along any cheat. Our scripts remove the recoil by 80-90% depending on the gun. That means you will have 10-20% remaining recoil left. 100% no recoil is not possible with a script (for that you would need a memory cheat).
  12. As long as you always play on the same PC and the license is not being shared, there is no issue with that. The loader will be locked to one Hardware ID (single PC) which means you would need a HWID reset (we offer free resets) once you play on a new PC.
  13. I think you know what internet cafe is,so example i play on pc number 14 And buy your cheat And it work Then i go back home Tomorrow i com back internet cafe again And sit to exactly pc number 14 again So does the cheat still with me ? Its hard to explain because im not really good at english,hope you understand what i said
  14. Hello im playing on internet cafe and i have ssd external and usb can i extract your software in there and play normaly ? or do you have any way to use it on internet cafe ?
  15. Hello, i wanted to ask a question about the macro. Can i use the macro along with Apex Cheats, Kernaim. Ty in advance.
  16. We had a loader detection detection back ~ 1 year ago.
  17. Title also has it ever been detected and die it work with hm?
  18. Grateful and trusting in these programs, soon more purchases from me.

  19. We also have CreditCard as a payment methode but its currently disabled.
  20. 1) We don´t affect the game files 2) There is the risk that it might get detected, but its very low. 3) You just launch the script, inject and it will work. 4) The script itself is lifetime and it will stay lifetime on your account. After 3 months it will require 7€/m.
  21. xenos please check my pm n my post
  22. It’s showing to my profile no subscription I did buy the sub and was using before to my bf2042
  23. ive been away for about a year i still have the software on my usb but it wont run n i think need update but i cant redownload its say only buy i have lifetime sub on script
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