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  4. Wondering if it supports controllers for pc, i dont need to download a client in order for it to work?
  5. It's currently not updated for new season and they had detections in the past.
  6. Hey, we do our best to keep our software as secure as possible. We work hard on every update and properly test everything before every release.
  7. Will be available for purchase in few weeks.
  8. Hello any admin on this forum gonna answer me or
  9. When will rust be awaible i cant buy it
  10. Earlier
  11. Hello i play apex season0 player and i would love to not lose my account is your software still undetectable in apex and will u keep working on it to net get detected ?
  12. Hey, Please join our Discord and PM me (Xenos). https://hypex.to/forum/discord/invite/general/
  13. Hey, the script was released a few years ago and has been detected over the time. It is currently undetected for several months.
  14. Has the script ever been detected? I was thinking of using on my main account
  15. Because I saw this and Im now confused:
  16. Sup wanted to get the PUBG Script, and have a few questions, is it UD and up to date at this moment, and is it lifetime for 25€ or monthly sub?
  17. is it possible to pay with paysafe would buy meny things
  18. There is a simple installation guide. Basically you run our loader, select the PUBG Mod and it does the rest for you. Very rarely you need to adjust some windows settings which in the case it happens, our support is happy to help you.
  19. pubgrat


    Is the weapon detection for Warzone working? If not is there an ETA?
  20. wow 7 hours and no response real nice thanks guys.
  21. Hey guys, i just wanted to buy the Pubg Mod. I just have one question about the installation and setup and how it works. I dont want to buy it and download it and then it doesnt work. The video only showed what the mod looks like ingame but it didnt show the ingame menu and how to use. Can someone help me out ??? THX
  22. Our products work with any mouse, keyboard, PC and OS.
  23. Xenos


    Hey, yep. But keep in mind that all COD products dont require Active Subscription. Yes both are online and undetected.
  24. Hi, if i buy Warzone scripts ,i have 3 free months of sub ? warzone et apex scripts are safe ?
  25. Hello, do I need logitech mouse etc. to use script? Or can I use it with any mouse
  26. @Raquis Hey, currently there are no videos since my channel got banned from youtube. We might add a triggerbot for R6S but from our testing those are pretty useless. In some cases they might work, in others not. Both scripts are screenshot proof.
  27. Rust is currently not available.
  28. Best Escape From Tarkov Cheats

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