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  4. Hello, yes the mod is undetected and working as it should. Its also working in ranked, including "No Recoil".
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  6. About to make the purchase but im confused if its undetected and working, especially for ranked because thats most I play.
  7. Posting in here to hopefully be notified when it becomes available!
  8. The scripts scans your screen for the gun you actively hold and then selects the correct pattern and controls the mouse for you. It just moves your mouse and scans your screen. For RapidFire it clicks. Nothing is getting injected into the game or started along the game like a cheat driver etc. Tom_Clancys_Rainbow_Six_Siege_2023.02.17_-_18.41.52.06.DVR_Trim_3_1.mp4
  9. hi, i want to know what is the full features you have and is it safe?also updated for season 6 with new guns & new anti cheat?
  10. How does this script work is it internal or external? Does it write or read memory from the game or simply mimic mouse movements?
  11. It works with every ingame mouse sensitivity, DPI and windows mouse sensitivity.
  12. Hi, Just got a quick question about the no recoil script - will it work fine on a 0.002 mouse sensitivity multiplier? (GameSettings.ini file) Thanks.
  13. Controllers are not supported.
  14. Yes its planned once the game is live 🙂
  15. Yes our script has automated weapon recognition. Once you have a weapon selectedt will detect it automatically and set the correct recoil pattern.
  16. When can I expect an MW3 script?
  17. Can I get the benefits with controller input?
  18. I want to know if Macro will automatically detect weapons? Or do I need to manually switch settings?
  19. There is one but its very very low. We have been undetected for years in COD and Ricochet is not caring about recoil/rapidfire scripts.
  20. Geforce Now is not supported 😕
  21. Ricochet is not caring about scripts so you will be fine. We have been undetected since release in COD.
  22. Hi I know your COD product has never been detected but there is a risk that this will happen? and player reports can ban me?
  23. Does your RS6 no recoil script support NVIDIA GEFORCE NOW integration?
  24. All our COD scripts are undetected since release.
  25. hello there is a chance that macro warzone 2 is detected or not
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