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  4. As it says its a lifetime subscription which also includes free updates.
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  7. Hey I was wondering if i could get a refund on the warzone script im not the biggest fan of aimbot but i though the overlay meant that it was esp as well since you said streamproof i literally only bought it like 20 minutes ago and im not going to use it at all?
  8. Works on all CPUs. 🙂
  9. thinking about purchasing the r6 siege cheat, does the cheat support AMD processors?
  10. We currently update it. There will be a announcement once its online 🙂
  11. I saw the Rust scripts are under maintenance and was curious when it would be up. If you have any updates please let me know but replying to my post. Thanks! Cordially, Jason/Sleek
  12. good morning i would like to know if the script so COD only works in warzone or also works in multiplayer mode and if it works on AMD processor
  13. Currently Valorant is offline for update.
  14. Greetings! Is there an option to buy lifetime valorant script?
  15. Hey guys, I prematurely bought the €25 script for Warzone for the no recoil, I haven’t downloaded it yet however I use a controller on PC not mouse and keyboard, will it still work? Also, what is the difference between a cheat and a script? I’m a bit confused.
  16. Hello, I want a clarification on the Valorant trick. Safe to use Is detectable When was the last time it was detected? I can play some tournaments with the trick When will you be active to buy it? I want to use a cheat, but make sure you don't have a ban and if someone is using the cheat, could you please pass me some reliable settings and your testimonial to know what the cheat is like? I wait for a response from someone. Good day greetings. Excuse my English I only speak Spanish thanks.
  17. I'm interested in the COD Warzone script, but I'm wondering what the detection/ban rate is if there is any at all? Any known bans? EDIT: Xenos told me no reported bans, and no detections as of 3 months. Thanks 🙂
  18. No wallhack, here are the list of features
  19. is there a wallhack feature or only aimbot and such?
  20. Hi there, I am new to this site. I am just wondering if I can get access right away if I buy the hack for a month
  21. what should I do?I read the instructions, but after the injection was completed, the window disappeared and there was no response after waiting for a long time.
  22. Xenos

    Pubg mod

    It is currently online and undetected for over 1 year. It has magic bullets which is compareable to silent aim.
  23. Is pubg mod still upated and undetected? And does come with legit/rage aimbot?
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