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  5. hello I wanted to know but these scripts work for ps4 with cronusmax?
  6. If I change the computer configuration or reset the computer system, does the script need to reset the HWID? Can I download the program to the USB device and play in the Internet cafe?
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  8. So i see you guys don't take payment threw amazon cards, or giftcards so if you are looking for a reseller i will be down as soon as possible dm me on discord to talk more jadin#7380
  9. Do I need to load scripts depending on what weapon and attachments I am using. Will I be able to pick up a random gun start gunning
  10. how do you make chams visible through walls?
  11. Not supported as of now.
  12. How about a joystick?
  13. Does the product work with a pro controller in Call of Duty and PUBG ?
  14. Works with every hardware and software. 🙂
  15. I am PUBG Script owner, is it possible to Test PUBG-Mod for a day or two before buying it?
  16. After purchase your forum account will get immediately upgraded. You can then access the loader download and all customer sections. 🙂
  17. Can I get the loader immediately after purchasing the pubg script? 25 euros, is it permanent and free to update?
  18. Do you need to have a specific mouse for it to work? Looking for a simple yes/no question
  19. I use Windows 10 2004, and it says OS unsupported 😕 EDIT: Doesnt say it anymore, but doesnt work tho
  20. I would like to know if the cheating device of APEX Legend is stable
  22. I am interested in the Apex Legends Script but there is no footage of it in use. If I could see the setup and the GUI than I would most likely purchase it. If you just need someone to make a video of it I can do that for you.
  23. As of the PUBG script it has been undetected for over 3 years now. The important thing is to follow all instructions then you are safe 🙂
  24. Oops and does it have an esp too. I mean I would like to know where the other players are.
  25. Hi I would like to purchase the pubg script. The only thing I am worried about is the safety of the product. I have one account for the last three years and dont want to lose it. I have used only IZI cheats for one month before this and it worked fine and did not result in any problems besides the continuous BSOD's and their really poor aimbot. Bottom line is that I was not banned although I never did anything to raise suspicion. I would like to go for hypex now because of the unbelievably high price of IZI. I am just worried about the safety of this product. Also I cannot access your discord where I thought I would ask questions about your scripts safety. How long will it take for me to get the script after purchase?? Is there a guide on how to use the script and if so how do I access it??
  26. Plessimo


    Siege macros i mean.
  27. Plessimo


    Hi, Are your macros esl proof? If not, any plans to make one or is it too much to handle?
  28. PM us on the discord 🙂
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