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  3. Our R6S Script has been undetected for the past 3 years. It should stay like this.
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  5. I want to use this script on my main, when was the last detection? is there a high chance of a ban? Does it write or read memory from the game? What features were detected if it got hit?
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  7. Its only a recoil and rapidfire script with automated weapon detection.
  8. That orders seems to be very old. Message us on Discord: https://hypex.to/forum/discord/invite/general/
  9. https://hypex.to/forum/panel/instructions/
  10. Hi, I'd like to know more about how it works. Can I use in different resolutions? I used to play with extended screen, 1440 or 1728? and about the sense? general and vertical sense? is it possible show a video? uploaded in a different plataform ? thx!!!
  11. pubg script 25EU is lifetime?
  12. 25 € Is the product on a 90-day fixed-term basis? In the my purchase history Order #3228 PUBG MOD Lifetime Quantity: 1 Unit Price: 75.00 EUR It's expired, so why?
  13. Ok and how can I find this video ?
  14. Active Subscription is required after the third month. We have a Installer & a Video on how to set it up. Overall its very easy to do.
  15. OK thanks Did I need an active subscription to use the script ? is there any tutorials to install it ?
  16. Hey, yes our Apex Script (Recoil/RapidFire) does work on Windows 10 and 11. We never tested it on cloud gaming.
  17. Hello, does apex's cheat works on, windows 11 and on, geforce now ?
  18. Good afternoon, Before purchasing I would like to know if the Rainbow script/macro works on cloud services like Geforce Now. Normal AHK or ghub macros does it, but since I guess this is going to be an .exe I would like to make sure it will support gaming through streaming/cloud. Thank you for your tim!
  19. Our R6S Script is updated & undetected for the newest season.
  20. Is the R6 script updated for the new season?
  21. Fully supported and of course undetected You can adjust the multiplier according to your playstyle.
  22. Also is it possible to set the amount of recoil it removes so it isn't just a straight beam?
  23. Is this still working & undetected in S20 or nah?
  24. This seems to be a common occurence. Just use the WZ2 script and pick the HCR 56. Then customize that one to match your main gun because this specific profile doesn't have horizontal recoil control, so you won't unexpectedly miss any shots.
  25. Is the script still undetected with the new R6 2/15/2024 anticheat uptadate?
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