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  4. Pubg mod is giving an error, it keeps warning you to disable anti virus but everything has already been disabled
  5. Is there no mw3 product for anti recoil available to purchase?
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  7. Script injection is very slow or cannot be injected.Remote data error or Data reception failed
  8. does it work in korean server as known as kakao serveer. please check this out before i buy it,. thanks a lot!
  9. https://hypex.to/forum/discord/invite/general/
  10. Nope thats not possible with the way we emulate the mouse.
  11. would it be possible to start supporting controllers?
  12. Hello, No - HYPEX does not have a reseller. You can only purchase from @Xenos directly. You can DM him and I am sure you guys can figure out a way to pay.
  13. would i be able to purchase from a third party seller?
  14. 请问一下如何加入Discord
  15. Is the Mod 100 Euros lifetime? Do I need to pay extra in the future?
  16. https://hypex.to/forum/store/ CreditCard, DebitCard, PayPal and Crypto.
  17. I can't use any of the payment methods in the shop, are there any other payment methods available?
  18. We havent had the time to release a MW3 macro yet, but it will follow soon.
  19. Vulkan Version is fully supported, also for the automated weapon recognition etc.
  20. Hi, i was searching for a mw3/warzone 3 macro. Is it supported, cause i dotn find it on the page.
  21. Hello, Hypex working on vulkan version of r6s?
  22. Our R6S Script has been undetected for the past 3 years. It should stay like this.
  23. I want to use this script on my main, when was the last detection? is there a high chance of a ban? Does it write or read memory from the game? What features were detected if it got hit?
  24. Its only a recoil and rapidfire script with automated weapon detection.
  25. That orders seems to be very old. Message us on Discord: https://hypex.to/forum/discord/invite/general/
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