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  4. Hello Guys Do you accept Paypal ? Dont have any btcs left 😕 Greets
  5. pls upgrade me, I thought its automatically... Order #10234
  6. Last week
  7. I see other people have made threads about upgrading. I can provide order # if needed!
  8. Hey there! I just bought two scirpts from you guys, but hasn't registered me as a customer for some reason!
  9. I'm making a purchase to play with my little sister.
  10. Xenos


    You have been automatically upgraded 🙂
  11. As of now they rarely make screenshots. If you stay under the radar (low reports - no obvious stats) you can play safely for a long time without getting banned. On the other hand, when you kill people through walls or over half of the map it can be that you get manual banned. The PUBG Mod has only a Silent Aim (Magic Bullets) as visible here:
  12. Does the pubg mod have an aimbot?
  13. Will there be bans caused by game screenshots? pubg
  14. Earlier
  15. can you upgrade thanks
  16. Need be upgrade, thx
  17. MeAnubis


    Its a script. All features can be seen on the product description page. No hwid spoofer.
  18. eagamer


    hello, im new here and im interested in mw cheat , i have few questions: cheat has build in HWID spoofer? cheat support multiplayer? cheat support co-op ? where i can see the cheat features ?
  19. Its upgraded as I can see
  20. They dont detect, they just block the input. No bans for scripts.
  21. True, you guys do a great job as far as I can see but I can't buy any of your products due to your current payment options. You might have your own reasons why not to let customers use their credit card/paypal. However, you will be more likely to generate cash and income with those two options in addition to the bitcoin one. Could you please consider the above? Kind regards, C.
  22. sent multiple messages to admins, bought over 24 hrs ago.. when will my account be upgraded
  23. Where can you adjust the script to your sensitivity? Haven't seen a function so far. Also can I adjust the key settings where the weapons and "deactivation" of the script is?
  24. As the title says, do they detect scripts like this often?
  25. We dont play Moss. From my experience it should be undetected as in R6S.
  26. Hello Guys, support your Script the AntiCheat Software Moss ? Moss take Screenshots...
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