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  2. The loader loads the script. We take security very seriously, the software is well protected and hidden from any analysis. I have recoded the entire script 6 months ago, since then it has been working smooth without a single account suspension report.
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  5. Hi I am new to this cheats and stuff, So my question is how do this product of your work like is it some kind if injector or loader ? And secondly i have heard that when R6 detects an abnormality in your system it scan the whole Hard drive ,So won’t this script be detected upon scanning. And resulting in account ban. I really want to buy this product. If you can kindly tell me about these things i have asked
  6. Thx I didn't see that coz it's not that big and I'm on mobile rn
  7. The license itself costs 25 euros, but usage of certain licenses requires an Active Subscription. You can read about what an active subscription is at https://hypex.to/faq/. Active Subscription costs 7 euros per ACCOUNT, no matter how many licenses you have. Any purchase above 20 euros grants you 3 months of Active Subscription free of charge. What product are you looking for?
  8. Hi I might buy the script next week but I wanted to know if the scrip is life time of like 25 every month. Ps. I'm gonna buy it no matter the subscription so dw and thank you
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  10. Hey, currently PayPal is not available for the PUBG Mod.
  11. Hey, Is it possible to turn on PayPal payments for the PUBG mod? The regular payment method does not work as it requires a "Bank code" from the transaction that is not viewable in yourbank statements. Let me know if there is a way I can pay through PayPal as I'm interested in the lifetime license. Thanks!
  12. There is no limit. Free hwid resets are manual and can take up to 48 hours (usually much faster). However, we also offer an instant paid service for 2.5 euros.
  13. Is there a limit to requesting HWID resets or?
  14. 1 license per PC, you will need to request HWID reset. We can also detect if the software is actually being shared. Sharing the license is strictly prohibited and will result in permanent account suspension.
  15. I switch between using two different pcs, can I use the software on both pcs or no?
  16. Hello, we are currently not looking for any resellers.
  17. where can i apply to be a paypal reseller?
  18. Hey, we dont have a test version because of security reasons. As for PayPal, we do support it.
  19. Not for all of them. At least I thought I could buy a 1 day trail this way... Don't know if this item was supposed to be for sale in your store or it's a bug or something but PayPal & Bitcoin options aren't there on this product so maybe they aren't available on others as well? Anyhow, keep up the good work!
  20. Hi there, got 2 questions... Would it be possible to buy a test version for 1 day before getting the lifetime package? Also can't see the option to pay with Paypal, am I blind or?😅 Thanks in advance for your answer!!
  21. Our Apex Script is undetected for over a year. Some AVs block the loader. Its not needed as we dont leave traces. Yes.
  22. Hey, I'm interested in the cheat. But I have a couple of questions. Can I play with the cheat on my main account without being banned (only use No Recoil)? ((Please say the truth, i buy the cheat too to play on smurf)) Do I have to deactivate my anti virus? Do I have to restart my PC after playing? Is it Stream Safe?
  23. No ETA yet, but it will be announced once it's done
  24. how long do you think the update is going to take?
  25. Currently down for update.
  26. Also interested in this product.
  27. When do you think the valorant script will be available again
  28. It has been detected last year and has been undetcted since then.
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