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    Question = Pink Answer = Orange Q: How do I know you are legit? A: We have many vouches HERE go read some and once you buy go leave some :) Q: How do I buy? A: To buy you need to head over to the STORE page Q: How do I buy with PayPal/GiftCards? A: You need to join the Discord and contact Xenos#3678 or MeAnubis#5836 Q: I bought onsite how do I download? A: Go over to the Loader Download page. Q: How do I use the Mod? A: Run as admin>Login (case sensitive)>PUBG MOD>LOAD>choose what options you want if you hover or them they tell you what they do>Inject>GAME WILL START ON ITS OWN!!!>Hop into match and have fun :) Q: Can I get a refund? A: Only if it doesn't work for you. Q: I keep getting errors when trying to launch A: Hop in the support chat someone will be there to help you asap Q: I get a new pc can i use the mod on both A: No, but you can switch the mod to the other pc :)
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