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  1. Hey, Please join our Discord and PM me (Xenos). https://hypex.to/forum/discord/invite/general/
  2. Hey, the script was released a few years ago and has been detected over the time. It is currently undetected for several months.
  3. There is a simple installation guide. Basically you run our loader, select the PUBG Mod and it does the rest for you. Very rarely you need to adjust some windows settings which in the case it happens, our support is happy to help you.
  4. Our products work with any mouse, keyboard, PC and OS.
  5. Xenos


    Hey, yep. But keep in mind that all COD products dont require Active Subscription. Yes both are online and undetected.
  6. @Raquis Hey, currently there are no videos since my channel got banned from youtube. We might add a triggerbot for R6S but from our testing those are pretty useless. In some cases they might work, in others not. Both scripts are screenshot proof.
  7. Rust is currently not available.
  8. Hey, no all our products are "standalone" so they wont require any additional software.
  9. Yes, we do support all Windows 11 builds.
  10. It depends on the gun an the settings. Somewhere from 60 to 90 %. Yes. Currently online and undetected.
  11. We dont support controllers.
  12. We currently dont support cashapp. You can pay with creditcard, paypal and crypto.
  13. Hey @Psycho97 1. The R6S Script is for lifetime. You once pay 25 EUR and got it forever. After 3 months it requires active subscription (7€/m) 2. Its online & undetected 3. We do support 3th party spoofers. Run our loader before you use the spoofer.
  14. Hey @Kursimoto Unfortunately we do not provide PayPal for the PUBG Mod. We do take Bitcoin and Creditcard.
  15. @tmoondawg @ponzi Should work over this link: https://hypex.to/forum/discord/invite/general/
  16. Joining the Discord server should work over here: https://hypex.to/forum/discord/invite/general/ The script is safer compared to the mod. On the other hand the mod provides many more features. If you are a casual PUBG cheater you are probably better off with the mod.
  17. Our NoRecoil is undetected. You wont get banned, unless you rage hard. We support all Windows 10 and 11 versions. Instructions are available on our website after purchase. (Download our loader, login and inject)
  18. @kirin the PUBG Mod is online and undetected.
  19. Currently no ETA. Probably a few more days.
  20. Nope not yet, will be added shortly.
  21. Currently we only accept the payments within our shop including, PayPal, CreditCard and Crypto.
  22. Currently down for update.
  23. Currently Apex is down for update.
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